• Difficult to manage hundreds of concurrent projects with pre-packaged project management software
• Inability to customize the software made project tracking more time-consuming
• Limited and inefficient reporting capabilities hampered visibility and decision making

Since its founding over 20 years ago, Verité, Inc. has been a champion of safe, fair, and legal labor conditions for workers worldwide. As an independent non-profit organization, it aids companies and governments in improving work conditions across global supply chains through its research, advocacy, consulting, trainings, and assessments. With hundreds of engagements in over 70 countries, effective project management is crucial to Verité’s mission, but the company’s project management software was limited and inflexible. Users were forced to work with field names and processes that didn’t quite fit; and only the IT manager could run reports which were essentially data dumps that recipients had to sort through. “We had many different data points we wanted to track in real time, and we needed a way to quickly pull that information into meaningful reports for the individuals using them,” says Jenn Stachnik, Manager, Accounting & IT at Verité, Inc.


• Quick Base as a platform for a highly-customizable project management tool
• Unlimited reports and charts for easy access to key data
• Ecosystem of Quick Base partners to help with more technical requirements

Verité selected Quick Base for its ability to generate real-time dashboards, built in alerts and notifications that keep projects moving, and complete flexibility to change and adapt to the company’s evolving needs. Verité now tracks projects in a Quick Base app that brings disparate data sources into the online Quick Base repository for easy access from anywhere. Quick Base’s unlimited reporting capabilities allow anyone with access to create highly customized reports covering any project-related information they need. As the company’s needs change, Stachnik or a colleague can easily update the app to keep pace.

For more technical challenges, the Verité team relies on help from The Data Collaborative, an official Quick Base Solution Provider. “One of the things I really like about The Data Collaborative is that their experts are always there when we need them,” says Stachnik. “If we can’t find an answer though the Quick Base Community, or need something that requires more advanced coding, they’re just a call away.”


• Cost savings from in-house development ($80,000) and increased efficiency ($24,000)
• Ability to take on significantly more work without adding lots of new staff
• Greater job satisfaction and promotion to management position

Quick Base is now more than just a project management solution at Verité. It’s also used for managing invoices, expenses, timesheets, audits, training, and more. Not only did the team save an estimated $80,000 in development costs by building solutions on Quick Base, it has also empowered those closest to the work to be more efficient. Over the past three years the company has increased revenues by $2 million and added significantly to its project load but has only needed to hire one additional project coordinator. The more problems the company solves with Quick Base, the more valuable the platform becomes. Employees are now familiar with Quick Base’s user interface, so new solutions are adopted faster. For her part in improving the organization, Stachnik earned a promotion to a management position. “Quick Base makes everyone’s job easier and more satisfying, including mine,” says Stachnik. “I love that people can come to me with problems and walk away with solutions.”