The Trust Company of Vermont (Trust Co) is an investment firm that manages over $1B in assets and was Vermont’s first independent trust company. The current system utilized the WebEx platform that was being discontinued. Trust Co needed a new solution that would allow them to

  • Carefully track all customer interactions and maintain the high level of customer service paramount to the firm.
  • Transition data to the new system before WebEx platform was discontinued.
  • Maximize the powerful capabilities of Quick Base and overcome limitations of their WebEx system.
  • Trust Co engaged the Data Collaborative (DC) to build a Quick Base CRM system to replace and improve the old WebEx system.
  • DC created a flexible and efficient system that does not duplicate data.
    • Client likes having multiple ways to look up information without duplication and ability to add account or contact activity notes.
  • DC added many-to-many and cross application relationship.
    • Various relationship management pieces are especially helpful because they eliminate unnecessary paperwork.
  • New system provides 50-60% improvement in streamlining operations and function.
  • Learning curve was not steep for new users.
  • Simple user interface (UI) makes it easy for infrequent users to find information.
  • DC development work has been easy to replicate and since launch the Trust Co has built 8-10 new apps on their own.