Santa Clara University alumni association has a New Student Welcome Program, which started in 1972 and depends on volunteers to contact and personally congratulate all newly accepted students. The Alumni Office recognized the need to improve the program for volunteers and staff responsible for communicating to the students.

  • The current system was manual and time-consuming (100 hours/year) for both stakeholders and there was no room for growth of the increasing number of students accepted (6-8,000) per year.
  • Staff needed to track volunteers (400-500)  progress from assignment to follow through on contacting their assigned students.
  • Volunteers were increasingly tech savvy and expected online solutions with access to call lists and contact record
  • Santa Clara University (SCU) hired Data Collaborative (DC) to develop a Quick Base application to manage their New Student Welcome Program and replace their Access database.
  • DC built a web-based portal to give volunteers online access to permission based information stored in Quick Base.
  • DC added the GeoLocator app to automatically match volunteers and students.
  • SCU Alumni Office can track the process from start to finish.
  • The new Quick Base app saves staff 75 hours on average/year.
  • Time savings allows the staff to work on other priority alumni projects.
  • The app reduces volunteer time and strengthens their relationship with the school.
    • “I LOVED the new volunteer portal for the New Student Welcome Program! No more pen and paper and I was able to access my assigned students whenever and wherever via my phone.” 2015 Volunteer
  • GeoLocator automatically matches students and volunteers.
  • The app identifies and helps staff target those volunteers needing help.