NCRC  works with thousands of individuals across the globe to help resolve conflicts at all levels of  society, through unique and effective training programs. The staff at National Conflict Resolution Center rely on email communications and manual updates to keep their trainers current on the frequent changes to their appointments. Their urgent needs were:

  • Managing a wide variety of scheduled training sessions.
  • Every time the time, date, location, etc. changed (which can happen multiple times for any given training), an email had to be generated to alert the trainer.
  • Have in place a systematic method to alert the trainers on real time basis.
  • Data Collaborative was able to accurately assess the organization’s needs and come up with a solution that improved team communication.
  • The team at Data Collaborative built an automated system for NCRC allowing their trainers to get real time updates. 
  • Schedule Change Notification System allows Quick Base to send an email and update the calendar invite of trainers immediately on change informing them where they need to be and when, saving time, money and avoiding possible human error.


  • Able to accurately and automatically inform consultants/trainers in real time when they are assigned to a given training session as well as any changes to training sessions that occur during the preparation stage.
  • Freed up our staff member to provide crucial manpower to manage the actual training session. 
  • Improved team communication and accuracy while at the same time increasing productivity.
  • Our Logistics Manager  has time to ensure many details for each training are in place as well as give more attention to each individual client.