Horizons for Homeless Children is dedicated to improving the lives of young homeless children in Massachusetts by providing high-quality early education and opportunities for play. In the past, families and children were referred to our program through a paper referral system that was then faxed to us, which had some issues. Horizons was looking to transition from paper referrals to online referrals.

  • The organization needed a way to quickly and accurately manage and analyze its program and performance data.
  • Needed an attendance module to mange and evaluate early childhood education programs.


  • Horizon for Homeless Children worked closely with Data Collaborative to create an online referral system.
  • Data Collaboraative designed a customized database that facilitated the easy entry and analysis of a wide-range of information valuable to a social service and education organization
  • Data Collaborative worked efficiently to transition our systems and worked diligently to make sure that it was working properly.
  • Reduced issues of not receiving referrals for families and children
  • Increased the amount of families and children that have been referred to our program and placed on our waitlist
  • Improved the reporting of families and children who are on our waitlist
  • Worked to make sure there were no duplicates of families and children in our database
  • Provided a faster system to enroll families and children into our program
  • Case Managers from shelters have expressed the efficiency of this new system