Taury Anderson

Taury has over 5 years of experience building with Quick Base and more than 10 years of experience in business analytics. Her experience in project management has a wide range of industry applications including construction, solar, manufacturing, investment, sales, and data management.

Yu (Joey) Zhou

Joey joined the Arlington Data Collaborative team in spring 2017 and has been developing Quick Base applications and building custom extensions for a wide variety of our clients.  He brought many strengths and skills to his position including PHP, Javascript, Java, and C++.  He also has strong web and Database experience including REST API, Node.JS, Angular JS, JQuery, HTML5, XML, MySQL, Git, and Mongo.

Reid Byers

Reid joined Data Collaborative’s development team in spring 2015. He brings web application development experience using JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, and other technologies.

While working at Data Collaborative, Reid became passionate about learning how to further secure clients' data. To this end, he enrolled in UMUC's Masters program in Cybersecurity Technology in order to improve his skills in security development and research.

Outside of work, Reid enjoys photography, board games, folk music, and fencing!

Steve Wishengrad

Steve’s computer savvy coupled with a liberal arts background allows technical and non-technical customers alike to easily work with him to solve the data management challenges facing their businesses.

With a keen focus on business requirements, Steve easily translates needs into clean technical solutions that deliver business automation.  He is adept at managing large, complex projects and his specialties are QuickBooks to Quick Base integration and web portal design.

Tyler Ferm

Tyler joined our Durham, NH team in the fall of 2014. Previously, he was a developer at Plymouth State University.

At Plymouth State University he created and maintained web applications with back-end programming using PHP and front-end design using HTML and CSS, and page interactions with Javascript and jQuery. He is also skilled in Java, Python, and MySQL and Oracle databases.

In his free time, Tyler enjoys remote control car racing, kayaking, and solving the Rubik's cube.

Josh Shortlidge

Josh has been building database applications for a broad array of organizations for more than 20 years, helping to cultivate high performance teams wherever he goes.

Eric Segal

Eric is a techie at heart and a teacher in spirit. One of the first Quick Base users, Eric has an outstanding reputation for helping companies understand the power of Quick Base, and how it can help them better manage their data.

Rather than talk jargon and expensive contracts, Eric listens to clients about the business challenges they’re facing. He then works to deliver comprehensive solutions that meet their immediate needs and help to grow their business over time.

Dan Pettengill

Dan joined the Data Collaborative team in the spring of 2013. He is a creative web developer with expertise in Quick Base, LAMP, and Microsoft environments.

Drawing on experience at leading firms including Data Resources, McGraw-Hill, Oracle, and others, Dan helps clients to solve business problems with effective application of web and database technologies.

Dan earned an MS in computer science at the University of North Carolina and a BA in economics at Williams College.