You should Learn about Quick Base Sync

Among the hundreds of little changes that the Quick Base team makes every year, Quick Base Sync stands out as something that will change the way we all work. But it is not the flashy part that will make the biggest difference. Yes, it is great to be able to pull data directly from SalesForce, ZenDesk and QuickBooks Online. But those are one-way transfers, and with the thousands of SaaS products out there, you may not be using any of those products.

On the other hand, one product we know that you are using is Quick Base. And Synch now gives you the chance to do something you never could do before -- create a recordset. Say you have a table of Opportunities. You have thousands of records in there, but only about 10% of them turn into Orders. In the past, you had to store all the order info in the Opportunity table (awkward and wasting space) or write some code to move data from one table to the other. Not any more. Now you can just set up Synch to create a new table (Orders) that has only the Opportunities that have closed, and only the fields needed in Orders.

The movement from Opportunities to Orders happens seamlessly, with no code and no double entry. This is big news.

Eric Segal

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