Reporting gets Easier

You've seen that box a hundred times -- you know, that search box on the top of the Quick Base page? But did you know you can use it for more than just a simple text search?

Certainly, if you type "Complete" in the box, the search will return all records with that word in them. But you can also get a little fancier. If you search for "Complete AND Southern" (without the quotes) you will see all records that include both words. Or if you type "Complete OR Started" you will get all records that include either term.

It's all part of allowing you to do almost all your reporting without ever having to actually design a report. Once you have some report data on your screen, you can

  • add and hide columns (using the little down arrow in the column header),
  • sort by just clicking on the column header, and
  • filter by using dynamic filters on the right, or the Search box.

The more you can do yourself, the more Quick Base is delivering on its promise to be the database for the rest of us.

Though I use Quick Base all the time, I never knew this til I saw my friend Phil Stern doing this yesterday...Thanks Phil!

Eric Segal

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