We're the QuickBase Experts

Intuit QuickBase is your solution for a database that's fast, powerful, and easy to use. Let us help you take your data to the cloud!

We've been consulting for QuickBase users since QuickBase was invented. So whether you need a new application, help integrating QuickBase with QuickBooks or Excel, or just a web meeting training to show you some tricks, contact us for a free consultation.

Committed to Non-Profits

Data Collaborative provides high-level technical expertise at discounted rates to non-profits. Contact us for a free consultation about software solutions that can help your organization better enter, store, and analyze data. 

We also actively support the next generation of skilled developers by hiring summer interns from local area high schools to work along side the seasoned staffers here at Data Collaborative. Click here for more information on our internship program.

What's New?


Signature Capture for QuickBase

Want an easy way to capture signatures right into your QuickBase forms? With...


New Billing Plan in Place

The Intuit Sales team is industriously working through the entire list of QuickBase accounts, switching billing plans over from the old...

Who is Data Collaborative?

We're a dedicated group of technology pros who develop mission-critical software solutions to enter, store and analyze data.

We specialize in QuickBase development, QuickBase consulting, integrating QuickBase with QuickBooks and other applications.

Other expertise includes: Salesforce, Zoho, PHP, MS Access, .net, and more. We've grown steadily since 1999 and now serve clients all over the United States, Canada and increasingly Europe, Asia and Central and South America.